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All under one roof, A Talent House offers a broad range of services to fast-paced companies and trendsetting brands: from product design and production to the final touch of visuality and distribution:

Professional Photography Studio - Videography & Content Creation - Graphic Design - Talents Scouting - Strategy & Production - Make-up - Stylist - Models- Sustainable Fashion Products & Manufacturing

Together with a brilliant and experienced team that consists of talented experts and experienced artists, we are able to help you with building and developing your future in the business & creative industry.​

All under one roof to reduce costs and speed up the process of creative campaigns and projects.

A Talent House offers you diverse services and tools: ​


Brand Consultation

A Powerful Start

Creating A Strategy

Story, Purpose, Values, Positioning & Identity

A Talent House IP Services

Trademark ® and Design Attorney

iDepot, Model Registration & Protection

Brand Design

Impressive Graphics


Logo, Color, Typography

Visual Design

3D Design, Design Tags, Labels,

Catalog, Brochures, Packaging