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  • Is A Talent House an online or offline platform?
    A Talent House is both online and offline. With a physical space in Amsterdam Zuid in the Netherlands, A Talent House connects talents, freelancers, and business partners for creative projects, insightful workshops, and lively events. At the same time, we build around an online community of trailblazers to make your dream come true faster and at a reduced cost - no matter where you live.
  • How can I contact A Talent House in case of any complaint or a query?
    You can always contact if you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions via email or telephone. For more details, please refer to Contact.
  • Do you have another question?
    Contact us through the FAQ form, and we will get back to you soon.
  • What is the difference between the Freelancers and Talents membership?
    The main difference is in your experience. To become part of the Freelancers membership, you have to demonstrate a certain level of expertise, while with the Talents membership, everyone is welcome no matter their skill set. Learn More
  • What is the Freelancers membership?
    This membership is perfect for creative freelancers looking for a vibrant community of likeminded professionals with access to office space, a studio and the equipment required to push the next project off the ground. If you are a photographer, videographer, make-up artist, model, graphic or fashion designer, website designer & everything in between ­– this is for YOU. Learn more about the benefits.
  • What is the Talents membership?
    This membership is ideal for anyone to explore and develop their unique talents and gifts and help them to come to life. With A Talent House, do your thing, find your talent, practice it, and become an expert. Find all the perks here.
  • How can I become a member?
    To become a member, first, fill in the form here for the Freelncer or Talent membership. We will contact you to explain what A Talent House stands for and how you can make the best of your membership if accepted.
  • Do I have to pay for membership?
    At this moment, memberships are free of charge. To be part of A Talent House, become a member and get access to all the benefits by filling in the form here.
  • How does membership work?
    When you become a member, you get all the benefits of your membership - from the spacious workspace in Amsterdam Zuid to access to creative projects and the vibrant community of A Talent House. Read up on specific membership perks here.
  • How can I purchase A Talent House product?
    You can place your order online through our online store or also shop for A Talent House products at selected retailers across the Netherlands.
  • Can I order A Talent House product if I live outside the Netherlands?
    Absolutely! A Talent House offers both national and international shipping. No matter where you live, you can order your favourite A Talent House pieces through our online store.
  • Does my A Talent House product come with a warranty?
    A Talent House only bears responsibility for any manufacturing defect or flaw in its products, in which case products can be returned and refunded or exchanged. A select number of A Talent House products also come with a warranty, details of which can be found in the product info.
  • Why are A Talent House products so unique?
    A Talent House products are sustainable to their core - upcycled, hand-crafted and made by Talents right in the heart of Amsterdam. Learn More
  • How many days does it take for my order to be delivered?
    All orders are shipped within six business days from the date of purchase. The estimated time of delivery depends on the shipping method chosen and is indicated during checkout. For more information, see Shipping Policy.
  • Is it possible to return my order? How does it Works?
    Returning items is no issue. Are you not satisfied with your purchase? You can return your products without stating a reason within 14 days after delivery. Learn More
  • What are the shipping/ delivery options for my order?
    Your order can be delivered via PostNL, DHL, or DHL Express depending on the destination and your preferred method of shipping that can be selected at checkout. Learn More
  • What are the terms and conditions at A Talent House?
    Learn more about terms and conditions here.
  • What are the payment options when placing online orders?
    Payment Methods for all orders placed on the website can be made by credit card, debit card, and several other options including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, iDEAL, PayPal, DISCOVER, Maestro, JCB, and Union Pay.
  • What does B2B mean at A Talent House?
    B2B (business to business) at A Talent House means collaborating for the best outcome, whether you are an interested retailer, start-up, or any other company. If you wish to produce your label products by Talents in Amsterdam, visit our B2B page and contact us.
  • Can I get a customised A Talent House product made?
    Yes, custom-made orders with A Talents House are possible and more than welcome. For more info, contact us here.
  • Do you have another question?
    Contact us through the FAQ form, and we will get back to you soon.
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